1. Save the Date! Friday, August 11, at 6 p.m. The Capital Campaign Committee and the Vestry are hosting a fundraising party at St. Mark’s. Please plan to join us for our Brick by Brick campaign event!

2. Big news on the capital campaign front! Come to church on Sunday to hear all about it.

Update on Building Progress
The Vestry is currently in the process of finalizing the contracts with HGA, the architectural firm that has been designing the new building, and Catalyst Construction, the general contractor on the project. Once the contract with HGA is signed, they can release final drawings to Catalyst to begin the permitting process.

Even as we continue with our capital campaign to raise the last of the funds for the new building, the Vestry is looking to begin construction on the basement of the new building this summer. Because Catalyst already has earth movers on site for the construction of the apartment building next door, proceeding with the construction of the basement will allow us to realize significant cost efficiencies.

Meanwhile, the Vestry is also looking to engage the services of Gina Spang as an owner’s representative. Ms. Spang has significant experience in the construction industry and will be able to assist the Vestry with project management and coordination, especially as we head into the construction phase. It is the Vestry’s sincere hope and prayer that as we approach construction, we will meet our fundraising goal so that we can proceed with constructing the full building in order to realize additional efficiencies with the construction next door. We are excited to continue this next phase of our parish life.

Parking Garage

  1. We are aware of parking charge problems a few people have had with the app.
  2. Our wardens have reached out to the parking garage sales representatives to try to sort out the problem. They hope to have a resolution soon.
  3. Until things are sorted out, we recommend you use street parking or use the municipal parking lot at the northwest corner of Park and Downer.