Surely, from now on all generations will call me blessed Luke 1:46

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of a gift toward the Blessed in Every Generation Capital Campaign in support of a new St. Mark’s parish hall. We envision a space that will support our growth as a parish and reflect our values of accessibility for everyone, energy efficiency, and safe usable children’s spaces.

This new space represents our hope that St. Mark’s will continue healing souls, transforming lives, and sending Christians out into the world to serve many years into the future. As our forebears were generous so that we can thrive today, we ask you to be generous so that our children can thrive in the future. Our parish has been blessed with incredible growth recently, and it is time to build on that growth with courage and commitment.

Below you will find information about the project, drawings and pictures of the proposed spaces, charts and graphs to illustrate how we will reach our goal, testimonials from contributors, and a link to make your campaign pledge.

Thank you for all that you do to support this special place.

My family is excited to contribute to the capital campaign because we believe a new parish hall will support the ministry of St. Mark’s — a ministry of welcome, healing, outreach, and worship that is accessible to all!

~Graicey Van Spankeren

Campaign Pledge Form

We want St. Mark’s to have the space it needs to serve the community and its mission.

~Amy Farkas

Drawing of Proposed Parish Hall from Hackett Ave

Our story so far…

Conversations about how our building functions for our parish needs began in earnest in 2019. Click here to read more about how our parish hall construction story has unfolded thus far.

Updates on the Building Project Progress

Click here to read the updates on the building project.

Because I treasure St. Mark’s, I decided to contribute to the capital campaign. I clearly understand that the current parish hall does not meet the needs of young or old. I have been given much in my life, professionally, financially, relationship wise and spiritually. It is only fair that I give back to a place that gives me so much.

~Kathie Eilers

Proposed view of gathering space and floor tile

We are excited to see its growth. I have been a lifelong Episcopalian and for most of my life have belonged to large churches but never have belonged to a church that demonstrated growth potential the way St. Mark’s does. Episcopalians are a small group and while I have seen plenty of baptisms in my life I don’t think I have seen as many people received into the church as I have at St. Mark’s.

~Amy Farkas

Being part of an intergenerational community of smart, interesting, service-oriented, and spiritual people has made my life richer. Through these relationships and liturgy, I learn more about what God’s love looks like in the world.

~Graicey Van Spankeren

Proposed view of parish hall looking toward courtyard

Campaign Pledge Form