Friends in Christ,

It’s been a busy few weeks for the new parish hall project, and I thought I would share the highlights with you all.

  • Our August 11 capital campaign party was very well attended and raised a little over $5,000 for the new building. Well done, all!

  • Working with the builder, our owner’s representative Gina Spang, and the wardens/vestry, we have zeroed in on some language that will help describe our way forward. We’ve begun talking about our parish hall project in four phases.

  • Phase I is demolition and is complete and paid for.

  • Phase II will be the foundation and basement and has been approved by the vestry to begin likely in late September or early October. Stay tuned for details on a groundbreaking ceremony/celebration. This simple sentence reflects hours of work by wardens, builders, vestry, owner’s rep, and our attorneys. Be sure to thank your senior leadership when you see them at church.

  • Phase III would be the “core and shell” of the main parish hall and administrative/education spaces—essentially building the walls and roof to take advantage of the savings available by building our hall at the same time as the apartment building next door. The vestry will price out and deliberate Phase III at its Sept. meeting. It’s anticipated that Phase III will include ADA-compliant ramps and bathrooms.

  • Phase IV would be the finishes on the interior of the parish pall, kitchen, offices, etc. We have time to continue to fundraise and to determine the details of the finished interior.

  • Our capital campaign has raised around 1.06 million dollars. The most prudent financial path forward is to raise 1.4 million dollars, so we continue to have some work to do.

  • Parish members are also exploring grants in the hopes of having some portion of both green initiatives and ADA elements funded by outside entities. These are not, of course, guaranteed, but it’s important to leave no money on the table.

  • This is a phase in a capital and building campaigns where donors pray and consider whether they might be able to raise their pledge to help close the $360,000 gap. Travis and I have decided to raise our pledge by 20% and invite you to pray and consider whether that’s something you and your family can do as well. And, of course, if you haven’t been able to make a gift to the new parish hall, you’re invited to do so here.

  • Keep this new hall in your prayers. In these last months, it has been an absolute pleasure to watch the creative leadership blossoming all over the parish. And, amazingly, to experience full services all summer long as well as amazing work in outreach, children’s ministry, liturgy, adult ed. and pastoral care. The parish is hoppin’!—even in our current curious physical arrangements!

To God be the glory,

(Fr. Burch)