St. Mark’s Episcopal Church is an outpost of God’s rule in the world. We want everyone to experience God’s justice as loving, liberating, and life-giving. One of the ways we do that is by working on “Issue Campaigns” with the member institutions of Common Ground of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Common Ground is a non-partisan group of ordinary citizens of Southeast Wisconsin, dedicated to identifying problems facing our community and implementing creative solutions. We believe that people working together have the power to improve our community and our world. We challenge ourselves to imagine positive changes. We set bold goals, we create realistic strategies, and we are willing to face powerful interests. We mobilize thousands of people so that our voices can be heard. We get results.

Our success is based on the commitment of more than forty congregations, schools, small businesses, neighborhood groups, and other organizations to address local and national issues. Our 40,000 members live and work in the counties of Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha, and our diversity—geographic, racial, social, and political—is the source of our strength.

Tenants United

Members of St. Mark’s are regularly engaged with the Tenants United campaign, working for reform in Milwaukee’s Public Housing. If you’d like to talk about how you can share in this work with your specific gifts and availability, contact Kyle Potter.

Water Drop Alerts

Common Ground’s Watershed Team has set up a system to alert the public when reduced water use is indicated. Working together with MMSD and local media, they’ve set up the Water Drop Alert system. MMSD indicates when water levels in the Deep Tunnel are becoming an issue, then local media broadcasts an alert during their radio and TV weather reports asking the public to reduce water use until it stops raining (e.g., delay laundry, delay running the dishwasher, take shorter showers). If you’d like to receive a personal Water Drop alert just text WATERDROP to 797979.

If you would like to become active in Common Ground or to hear more about the Common Ground projects that are currently underway, contact the parish office.