As you have probably noticed, the demolition (phase 1) of the old parish hall has been completed. In August, the Vestry approved, subject to vetting by counsel, the contract for construction of the core and shell of the basement (phase 2). Our architect, HGA, submitted drawings for the entire project to the city for approval on Monday, November 6. The city has indicated that they will be expediting the review process, and we anticipate approximately five weeks for the issuance of a building permit. Our builder, Catalyst, therefore anticipates beginning construction on or around December 8. We will, all things working as planned, therefore have a special groundbreaking prayer for the new building at both the 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. services on Sunday, December 10. Please join us to pray for the building and our future as a parish.

While the city is reviewing the drawings, Catalyst will be soliciting subcontractor bids for the core and shell of the main floor (phase 3). The wardens and Gina Spang, our outside project manager, will be meeting again with Catalyst and HGA on December 5 to go over the phase 3 plans and bids. The Vestry anticipates approving a contract for proceeding with phase 3 in mid-December so that Catalyst may proceed seamlessly from phase 2 to phase 3.

We know this has been a long process, but we are excited to see a building finally take shape. We thank you for your continued prayers and support for this project and our future together.

In Christ,

The Wardens and Vestry of St. Mark’s