Please join us for an adult education series Creation Care for Home & Parish. Our goal for this series is to give people the inspiration and the tools to care for God’s creation at home and in your community.

We will kick off the series with a Harvest Fest on Sunday, October 16. The Creation Care Team will provide veggie sandwiches and drinks. We’d like your help by signing up to bring a salad or dessert to share. The meal will take place after the 10 am service. You can bring your items to share to the kitchen before the 10 am service on October 16.

For all who sign up, your name will be put into a drawing and, during the Harvest Fest, we will pick a name and the winner will get a signed copy of Saving Us by Katharine Hayhoe (top climatologist in the U.S.)!

Sign up to bring something to the Harvest Fest here.

Sessions will begin on October 23. They will then continue on November 6 & 13. There will be no session on Sunday, October 30, due to the All-Parish Building Meeting.

October 23: What you do today to help mitigate climate change, now

We have a God-given mandate to care for God’s creation: the universe, the earth, all peoples, creatures and plants. After an introduction to climate change, we will discuss climate actions for households and individuals you can do today.


Conservation Advocacy

Greening Your Life

November 6: Getting Away from Plastics

Plastic is integral to our lives of convenience. Yet every coffee cup lid, water bottle and plastic bag ends up in landfills or the oceans. Nearly every piece of plastic ever made still exists today and our best guess says it will last for 400 years or more. Plastics are also directly linked to climate change as every piece of plastic starts out as a fossil fuel — petroleum. An estimate puts carbon emissions from plastics production and incineration between now and 2050 at 56 billion tons, or almost 50 times the annual emissions of all the coal power plants in the U.S.

What’s a Christian to do? Come find out some answers to this question.

November 13: How climate impacts water and health issues globally and close to home

Exploring changing weather patterns, a case study of waterborne disease disasters exasperated by climate change (like the Haiti earthquake followed by a hurricane), and some examples of water quality and quantity issues tied to climate, both global and here at home.

More to come…

In the spring, we will have one more session for this series:

God’s green earth in your own backyard (or patio or balcony)

Gardening is one of the most hands-on acts of caring for God’s creation that we do, right? But there are many habits of the modern gardener that do harm to the earth that we are called to steward. This presentation will be full of suggestions to improve the carbon footprint of all gardeners, whether they be tending an acre or a couple of pots on a balcony.