Thank all of you who made a point to come to the all-parish meeting on May 21. Some highlights:

  • The vestry and treasurer, along with assistance from the diocese, have worked out a sound financial plan for our new parish hall.
  • For the plan to work, as a parish, we need to raise 1.4 million dollars. Given interest rates and construction costs, as well as loan timing, this is a greater amount than we suggested in January.
  • The diocese has stepped in as a partner to de-risk our project from a financial point of view. They have agreed to be our low interest lender during the pay out term of our capital campaign, and they have also generously offered two grants after we reach a million dollars raised.
  • The building committee is continuing to explore some grant options, particularly around green initiatives.
  • If we are not able to meet our fundraising goals, one available option is to pause the project while we continue to address finances.

If anyone is interested in going deeper into the numbers of this project, please contact Jason Shimko, and please look out for a listening session this summer as the building committee (who is tasked with aesthetics) along with the vestry (who is responsible for our finances) continue to hone in on a final vision for the new building. 

As always, you may always come to me or the wardens with any additional questions or concerns. Something you may find interesting: some of our largest attended liturgies in the last year have been in the sanctuary without access to our old parish hall. This tells me that St. Mark’s is faithful, creative, adaptive, and all-around awesome. Thank you.


In Christ,