From the Building Project Committee:
As we watch the walls go up (steel starts this week!), Vince Katter and I (Meg Boyd) are working with Gina, our owner’s representative, Catalyst (builder), and HGA (architects) to firm up our plans for building out the interior of building. We’re working to get a clear scope, timeline, and price tag on the work so that we can fundraise and plan accordingly.

The first section we plan to finish is the nursery because it is adjacent to the work being completed. Upcoming donations will make it something we can afford, finish, and use right away. Having the space available for our young children will make our worship more family-friendly.

The second section we plan to finish will be a bundle of the kitchen, gathering space, bathrooms, and corridor on the main floor of the hall. The bundling of these spaces brings some efficiencies and will give us a space to gather, which is a desire we’ve heard from many in the congregation. We’ll begin executing this phase when we’ve raised the necessary funds.

Stay tuned for a detailed explanation of the project—the story of why we started, and the work that remains, and the associated costs—to make our parish hall wonderful! Architectural drawings of the interior of the building are now posted in the church. We encourage you to check them out!

Have questions? Ask Meg Boyd (red hair) or Vince Katter!