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Traveling Mercies
Anne Lamott
Study Guide Week 2
The Rev. Ian Burch

…he’s one of those right-wing Christians who things that Jesus is coming back next Tuesday….p.60

-What kind of Christian are you? What kind of Christian do you suppose we are called to be? Is there room on this planet for different kinds?

I know that a basic tenet of the Christian faith is that death is really just a major change of address….p.63

-What do you about death and how is that related to your faith?

-How does thinking about a loved one being somehow with God after death impact your grief? Or does it?

What came up for you when you read the story of Ranola and Ken? P.66

What came up for you when Anne wrote about her pastor stepping from circle of light to circle of light to follow the path that God has laid out? And how did you think about that in light of the story of Anne’s abortion? p. 85-86

It cost me a great deal to regain my footing. Now I am free to become who I truly am. And this is God’s own truth. p. 71

-Lamott talks about the relationship between deep grief and utter joy–that she experienced while in Mexico. Have you ever experienced a time in your life where grief and joy were mixed?

avoiding [grief] robs us of life…p.72 

-Does this strike you as true? How? Can you think of an example from your own life?

Lamott has a difficult time balancing letting Sam fly and keeping safe. Can you relate to this struggle? p.82