Stewardship 2024: The Simple Campaign

“I love being a part of a church focused on community, purpose, and hope! St. Mark’s renews me for the work of the world.”

Click here to read the letter introducing this year’s stewardship campaign from the rector.

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Your 2024 gift goes toward:

  • pastoral, music, and administrative staff
  • building (heat, utilities, minor repairs, organ tuning, sound systems, etc.)
  • admin (bulletins, adult education materials)
  • kids’ ministries
  • music ministries

“St. Mark’s gives our family a multigenerational community; one in which I know my children will be welcomed and nurtured as they grow, and we, as parents, are seen and supported along the way.”

To balance our budget by 2026, we need to raise $332,000 for 2024.

To retire our deficit in one year, we would need to raise $358,500.

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