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Reclaiming Jesus: An Initiative of St. Mark’s and Jesus + Beer

Do you enjoy spirited conversation with folks of diverse perspectives? Reclaiming Jesus is a monthly conversation on Milwaukee’s East Side, hosted by Jesus + Beer MKE, and sponsored by St. Mark’s Church. We take inspiration from a national movement asks in fresh ways, “Who is Jesus for us today?” We ask those questions in ways that folks might find awkward, transgressive, or freeing. We’re breaking away from the partisan political narratives that make Jesus a mere mascot, and finding that he is more disruptive and surprising than we’ve realized.
We welcome conversation partners of any faith, or none. Among our number are folks who go to church, who left church, and those who never considered it. Each event is built around a planned topic.

Kyle Potter hosts this conversation on the first Tuesday of each month at Von Trier (2235 N. Farwell Ave.), from 8 to 10 p.m. Like the other Jesus + Beer (or Jesus + Wine) gatherings, these discussions feature genuine people and honest conversations.

Your curiosity about life, faith, truth, or God are welcome. We may not have an answer, but we would love to listen and explore together. We’re committed to matching passion and spirited disagreement with respectful conversation.

Contact us for more information.