Building Update: As we look to the completion of the parish capital campaign for the new building, we are also working with the Diocese for potential support to assure that we get the largest building for now and for growth into the future. We are challenging ourselves as leaders, and by extension, the whole parish to not be shortsighted in goal setting. To be clear, to meet this goal, we as a parish, will need to meet and likely exceed our $1 million capital campaign goal. We are excited that the diocese is open to partnering with us on this.

Transition Update: We know that people have questions about the immediate effect of this project on parish life. Demolition is to be completed by May 15, so for all practical purposes use of the parish hall will shut down after Easter. We refer you to junior warden Vince Katter’s earlier email that spells more of this out.  There is also a hard copy of that email posted in the parish hall. We are aware that socializing with existing and new congregants is an important part of our Sunday worship experience.  Coffee hour will continue! More specific details on that will be forthcoming both in written form and during Sunday announcements. After Easter, we will no longer be able to park in the church parking lot. In addition to street parking, parking is available in the Secure Park garage at the southeast corner of Downer and Belleview. Payment is made via an app and costs $1 per hour. Additional details on using this app will be forthcoming next week, and people will be available at coffee hour to answer questions. Please contact the rector if you require financial assistance with parking.