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Björn Akerblom

When evaluating the social acceptance of those whose presence or representation challenges the normal boundaries of gender identity and sexuality, it is necessary to consider what terms this acceptance is offered under. In many cases, one could argue that the unspoken social terms have to do with visibility and to what degree the majority can comfortably be expected to handle visual confrontation. Tolerance of outsider behavior is often contingent upon maintaining an appearance of normality or by maintaining socially accepted standards of alternative stereotypes.

Through various bodies of work, I attempt to examine the conscious portrayal of personal choice and gender identity through physical presentation and display, and the way in which sexually non-traditional and gender non-conforming people are asked to reconcile their private and personal selves for the sake of those around them.

Bjorn Akerblom is a local artist and current undergraduate student at the Peck School of the Arts at UWM, pursuing a BFA in Painting and Drawing.

The Gallery is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 a.m.–5 p.m.,
Fridays from 9 a.m.–1 p.m., Sat. from 10 a.m.–noon,
Sun. from 9 a.m.–noon, and by appointment by calling (414) 962-0500. 

Previous Exhibits

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January–February 2017





Fine Art Montage
November–December 2016





Images of Wisconsin: Ann L Powell, Mara Kay Pozorski, Daniel Stauff, Bridget Lyle Wolf
September–October 2016
Bridget Lyle Wolf Riveerscape





Suzanne Garr
July–August 2016
Bonnet Girl_Nepal_MN_show copy